About Allstate Shipping Supplies

Allstate Shipping Supplies operates as the leading independent source for packaging tapes in the United States, as well as a major source for other warehousing and shipping supplies. By maintaining warehouses in all 50 states, Allstate Shipping Supplies significantly saves on transportation costs. These savings result in appreciably lower costs for the company’s clients. Allstate Shipping Supplies originally focused on basic shipping products like boxes, stretch wrap, and adhesives. The company has since expanded its product lines. Currently, Allstate Shipping Supplies provides a comprehensive catalog of warehouse supplies for its customers. The wide range of available products includes conveyer systems, industrial-use shelving supplies, bar coding systems, and forklifts. Allstate Shipping Supplies ships 24 hours a day. Committed to providing the best customer service, the company maintains a team of knowledgeable professionals available around the clock to answer customer questions. Continually looking for ways to make its business more efficient, Allstate Shipping Supplies has recently installed energy-saving lighting systems in its warehouses. This lighting uses the principles of the Doppler Effect to detect motion and turns lights off when there is no movement nearby. Allstate’s customers are the ultimate beneficiary of this effort, as the company always tries to maintain low costs. David Bell, the President of Allstate Shipping Supplies, holds more than 40 years of professional sales experience. A graduate of Farmingdale State College, A Campus of The State University of New York, in 1962, David Bell quickly established himself as a successful entrepreneur. His notable business experience includes founding Corporate Strategies & Solutions, Inc., and SalesTeam, Los Angeles. Highly regarded as a prominent sales trainer and business consultant in the United States, David Bell serves more than 165 clients. Active with Allstate Shipping Supplies since 2006, David Bell currently oversees the company’s sales and administrative departments.


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